"No more missed call - No more missed business"

Phone Answering Service

The Crexent Business Centers inbound phone answering service gives you an easy way to manage your clients calls without having to invest in additional staff. We strengthen your business by answering every call  in a professional way.

Custom Greeting 

Our professional receptionists will greet your clients with your own personalized greeting. We will make your callers feel like they're being taken cared by your own personal assistant, even when they couldn't get a hold of you.

Call Patching | Live Transferring

is included (Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm)

Blind patching is essentially the same thing. The only difference, is that once we put the caller on hold, we dial the number to which we are suppose to patch, as soon as the line starts ringing, we patch the two lines, and drop off the line. There is no introduction by our CSP; the call just rings through to your phone. If you answer, your caller is there, if not they get your voice mail greeting (if you have one).

Bilingual Answering 

If your clients, callers and/or customers prefer to speak Spanish, we can help you and them. Let The Crexent receptionist help you with answer your phones and take a message. Properly serve your Spanish speaking callers at a tiny fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.  

  • Cost-efficient
  • Show your Spanish-speaking callers that you are committed to serving them well


  • Custom Greeting
  • Call Patching
  • Billing English -Spanish